Top 9 Best 1080p TV in 2021 Reviews

Are you planning to get a new TV? If you do so, great timing. With much advanced technology, it’s difficult to find the ideal TV that is reasonably priced. Since every year, the new model always releases it’s challenging to keep up as well as find the perfect one for yourself.  That’s why after detailed research, our teams put together a review of the top 9 best 1080p TV :

Our Top Picks

9 Best 1080p Television

9. Sceptre 43 inches 1080p LED TV

9. Sceptre 43 inches 1080p LED TV (2018)

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With this 43-inch Scepter, you get a MEMC 120 (Motion Estimation and Motion Compensation) installed on the TV to let the sequences flow effortlessly from frame to frame. On this TV, there are 3 HDMI ports and 1 of them is shared with MHL (Mobile HD Link) which allows it to stream video from your smartphone to this smart TV in full HD quality.

You can enjoy the ultimate experience of your favorite movie, games, sport, or TV show with this full HD Sceptre TV. This Sceptre TV model comes equipped with clear QAM so you can easily deliver cable channels to your TV without having to use an antenna. This 43-inch LED TV has the following dimension: 42.60” x 5.94” x 25.79” (inch).

8. Samsung Electronics 32 inches 1080p Smart LED TV

8. Samsung Electronics 32 inches 1080p Smart LED TV (2018)

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Samsung’s full HDTV features build-in Wi-fi connectivity allow it easier to stream online and get a whole much more entertainment experience at home. You get a twice resolution of standard HDTV which makes your movie and TV experience much more colorful and clearer.

With this smart TV, you can manage your device through it so you don’t have to miss out on anything while watching the TV.

7. Toshiba 32-inch 720p HD Smart LED TV – Fire TV Edition

7. Toshiba 32-inch 720p TV

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Toshiba HD Smart TV features a fire TV edition that delivers a great 720p picture quality and rich colors. With this TV, you get access to thousands of channels, apps as well as Alexa which allow unlimited possibilities of entertainment.

With Alexa voice control, navigating the TV will be much quicker and simpler. This TV has a dimension of 29” x 18.6” x 7.1” with a stand which is a normal size for bedroom or living room TV. This TV is exceptionally inexpensive for a Smart LED TV which makes it popular among customers.

6. Sceptre 50 inches 1080p LED HDTV

6. Sceptre 50 inches 1080p LED HDTV (2019)

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Likewise, this new HDTV of Sceptre also comes with MEMC 120 that allows you to enjoy a better graphic quality and less motion blur. This TV feature multiple HDMI ports, as well as MHL (Mobile High-Definition Link) for streaming contents from your devices with an, enhance picture quality. It also comes with a USB port for viewing your pictures, videos, as well as music to your content from your flash drive.

The TV is 50 inches and for its dimension: withstand 44.25”x 25.53”x 3.64”. It’s the perfect size for a living room TV as well as the bedroom. With this full HD resolution and led display, you get a variety of more colors and sharper contrast of light and dark. You will find any movie pleasing to watch with this lifelike display and slim design.

5. LG 22-inch 1080p LED TV

5. LG 22-inch 1080p LED TV (2017)

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LG 22-inch HDTV features a triple XD engine. With this technology, it can enhance the picture quality, better contrast, and natural color which enables a livelier image. This TV has a single HDIM input that allows connectivity between the TV and high definition sources like a computer, game console or Blu-ray player.

The TV size is 22-inch and for dimension: 21.9”x 15.2”x 5.8”. It has a refresh rate the same as the most TV which is 60 Hz. It also has LED backlighting which allows the TV to display richer colors, better brightness, and clear image. Furthermore, with its FULL HD IPS (In-Plane Switching) display, you can view the screen at any angle. The size is ideal for any available location since it’s small and lightweight.

4. Sceptre 40-inch Slim FHD 1080p TV

4. Sceptre 40-inch Slim FHD 1080p TV (2019)

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This TV has similar features to the 50” Sceptre. The LED display offers a vast array of colors and lifelike images. It looks attractive and convincing with its amazing display. It also has multiple HDMI ports (HDMI 1 connect with MHL). You can stream contents from your devices with an enhanced quality image and clear audio.

This TV is 40” and with the stand, it has a dimension of 35.6”x21.8”x7.5”. Similarly, it has a USB port which lets you view your photo, videos as well as music to your content. You can have a wonderful entertainment experience with this full HD 1080p resolution that delivers 2 million pixels. With this HDTV, you can enjoy your favorite in vivid detail.

3. Insignia 39-inch 1080p FHD Smart Led TV

3. Insignia 39-inch 1080p FHD Smart Led TV

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Insignia Smart TV allows you to enjoy full entertainment experience with its built-in wi-fi and Alexa voice control. This Smart TV opens doors to a large possibility of entertainment. With the included voice remote, you can easily control most of the TV function. There are fewer buttons than a normal TV and Alexa command makes it much easier to quickly access different functions.

It also has Fire TV built-in which brings together live TV and every streaming channel on your home screen with the help of HD antenna. Furthermore, being a prime member can unlock tons of your favorite movies and ad-free music. Like most smart TVs, it has a refresh rate of 60Hz and 3 HDMI ports. The TV size is 39 inch and the dimension is 34.8”x 22.3”x 8.9” (with a stand). It’s suitable for a living room or bedroom TV.

2. TCL 40-inch 1080p Roku TV

2. TCL 40-inch 1080p Roku TV (2019)

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TCL 2019 Roku TV has a unique feature that allows your mobile phone to become your next remote control. It has an app that allows you to do various things with the TV such as voice command, browsing the TV, add new channels, or listen to the TV from your mobile phone.
Additionally, with 3-series you get access to over 500,000 movies and TV shows on this full HDTV. TCL Roku TV has many inputs besides HDMI and USB such as RF(Radio Frequency) input, optical digital audio, and few others. The remote is much easier to use than the old tradition one with only 20 buttons which makes navigating the TV much simpler and less struggling.

Its size is 40 inches and its dimension with a stand is 35.6” x 22.7” x 7.2”. This Smart Roku TV has everything you need from top to bottom so do not hesitate to get one for your own.

1. VIZIO 32-inch 1080p Smart FHD TV

1. VIZIO 32-inch 1080p Smart FHD TV

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With the LED display, the image comes with vivid detail and greater brightness as well as a wide array of colors. For the TV input, there are 2 HDMI, USB, Ethernet, WLAN, and few others. This 32-inch TV has a dimension of 28.8”x 3”x 17”. It has internet access as expected of a smart TV that allows you to stream tons of online entertainment endlessly.

Best 1080p TV Buying Guide:

It’s best to know one or two things about the product first before purchasing it so as not to regret later. Here are 3 things you need to know before getting a new 1080p TV :

Screen sizes

Screen Size is significant when it comes to purchasing a new TV. There are two important key factors you need to consider in order to purchase the right TV size. Your budget and the location of the TV. Though the price might be the deciding factor there are still more things you need to consider.

For example, the number of people who are going to watch it regularly. As we know, there is limited space in front of the TV so we might need a bigger TV to enlarge that confined space. Viewing angle, as well as the distance between the TV and the viewing area, should also be considered when picking the right TV size.

Special Features

Recent TVs had advanced with many more features than before. With those features, your entertainment experience becomes much easier and more enjoyable.

For example, the 2019 TCL Roku TV allows you to listen to the TV through your mobile phone by the headset. This feature is useful for those who don’t want to disturb their surroundings. As you expected, there are many distinctive features that install into the recent TV so it might be useful to think of your ideal one before going to purchase it.

Smart TV

What’s differentiate a normal TV from a smart TV? The answer is … Internet connection! With normal TV, you cannot access any entertainment online, so you have limit choices. However, with a smart TV, you can enjoy tons of TV shows, movies endlessly online like Netflix. But of course, you need to make a subscription in order to watch them.


It all comes down to your preference whether which best 1080p TV best suits your situation. There’s not much advancement between the recent and the old one. It’s only changes in resolution and a bit more advanced features so you don’t need to go into trouble purchasing the most recent one or the most expensive one. You only need to purchase the one that matches your interest and budget.

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