Top 10 Best Camp Sinks in 2021 Reviews

If you are having plans to go camping with a lot of water demanded cooking and cleaning, you should obtain a camp sink as it helps you save a lot of time and effort. However, there are a lot of camp sinks on the market, and choosing the right one may require some knowledge about the product’s features and functions.

Fortunately, to accommodate the needs of our consumer, our team has conducted research into the market of camp sinks, and we have come up with this article to introduce the top ten best camp sinks with the description of its main features to help consumers with the purchase. In addition, by the end of this article, you can also find a buying guide section that will guide you through the criteria that determines the best camp sink.

List of The Best Camp Sinks:

Best Camp Sinks Reviews:

10. UST FlexWare Collapsible Camp Sink

UTS sink is one of the best options for consumers to purchase for their camping plan. It is highly recommended with 4.7 out of 5 star ratings. When fully expanded, its dimensions measure at 15 x 11.4 x 5.9”. However, it can be folded into a much smaller and more compact size for the convenience in traveling.

It can support up to 2.5 gallons, or 8.5 liters of water. When it comes to cleaning, it does not require any complicated process of cleaning, but you can just simply wash it with soap and water.

09. SereneLife Portable Camping Sink

If you prefer to have an outdoor sink who looks and functions just like the one at home, you should consider SereneLife sink. For the outdoor purpose, it is supported with built-in handle, which is designed for you to conveniently grab it, and rolling wheels, which are for moving around even if it is filled with water. The material of the faucet station is HDPE plastic, which is safe for all the products for consumption.

For even better hygiene, it is equipped with a soap dispenser, allowing you to dispose all the waste more effectively. Campers do not have to worry about the use of water because its tank can store up to 5 gallons of water.

08. Sea to Summit Kitchen Camp Sink

This kitchen sink is made of nylon with stainless steel frame for the ring on the top. This unique design aims for the stability of the sink while storing water to the fullest in the tank. It has a bigger base compared to the top so that when it stores water, it will not tip over easily. The premium materials of this sink allow it to use with both hot and cold water.

The handles come with high quality and solid form because it is made of wide webs. Also, it is BPA free, which means users can have safe drinking water with this sink. It has 3 sizes with different capacity: 1.3 gallon, 2.6 gallons and 5.2 gallons.

07. Lifetime 4 Foot Folding Camping Sink

This camp sink is designed to be a washing basin with both plug and drain. It can be connected to a garden hose at the standard size. Also, it is equipped with channels integrated for the purpose of water drainage. It can be used for many purposes, including home for fish, camping and gardening use.

To let the users of the product have more convenience in lifting the product outdoors, it is designed with a strong carry handle. Its dimension measure at 48 x 24 with the height at 4 foot. It is not only resistant to stain but also UV-protected. This design also allows the convenience while folding for transport.

06. VINGLI Upgraded Portable Camp Sink

If you are looking for a sink that can be used either indoors or outdoors with high capacity of water storage, then you should consider VINGLI sink because it is designed to be no need of plumbing. If users want to use it in the garden, they can simply connect it with the garden pipe to let the water flow into the tank. Moreover, it involves no help from the hands because users will get water from just a step on the pump. In one single step, users can get up to 18mL of water continuously. The tank can store up to 19L of water.

When it is not in use, it can be folded into a compact and lightweight size to be easy to carry. Moreover, it is made of polyethylene that guarantees the safest water for food. It also includes a soap dispenser to ensure the best hygiene for users.

05. Deluxue Camp Sink

This sink is designed to be hands-free in the operation. Only one foot is needed to let the water out for usage. After the usage, the used water will be returned into another container that is only responsible for capturing the used water. It can be used either indoors or outdoors with the users’ preferred settings.

There is also a soap dispenser to ensure that the users can wash their hands with soap while using this sink. It is very compact and lightweight when folded up for traveling long distances or camping outdoors.

04. Ozark Trail Durable Steel Frame with Easy-to-clean Tabletop

Ozark sink table is known to be compact in size with great functions. It can be kept at any roomy spaces including the camp kitchen. It has the dimensions measure at 3 feet long and 2 feet high. It also comes with a wash basin to enable the users to wash any large things with confidence and convenience. It takes only simple steps to set up this sink easily without the help of sophisticated tools.

03. Giantex Portable Camp Sink with Soap Dispenser

It is a portable sink because it is designed perfectly for outdoor use. It includes special features, such as carry handle that enables users to transport the sink easily from place to place and wheeled tank that makes it easy to carry without large consumption of energy. This camp sink does not require any operation with hands. Users only have to step on it and get 180 mL of water.

The capacity of its tank can store up to 19L, which can support up to 100 times of washing. It also includes a soap tank which contains liquid soap up to 3L. Users will get 1mL of soap every time they wash their hands. Users can set up the sink easily with simple steps and instructions to follow.

02. The Living Store Portable Outdoor White Basin Wash Sink

This sink is designed to use outdoor for various purposes, including traveling, fishing and camping. For the convenience of its users in outdoor settings, its tank can support up to 19L of water with 180 mL of water dispenses each time. It is also equipped with a 3L tank to store the liquid soap. Users can have 1mL of soap each time they use. Manufacturer also concerns about the convenience of the users while traveling, and therefore, this sink is designed to be compact and lightweight while not in use.

Its hose is also flexible to provide more convenience. Last but not least, it uses all safe materials, such as HDPE plastic, to make this sink because it is non-toxic and safe for the user’s consumption.

01. Hike Crew Camping Sink

This is the most highly recommended camping sink by the consumers among the top ten list. It is a portable sink that can be used for many purposes, including washing, cleaning and cooking in outdoor settings. it does not require the help from hands in the operation, but one foot step can get up to 180 mL of water.

The tank has its capacity for the storage of 19L of water. It also includes a soap dispenser which can support a maximum of 6 pints of soap in liquidity. Its handle is made of stainless steel which supports it effectively in transport. Moreover, it is made of materials with high-density to ensure that it is eco-friendly.


This article has introduced the top ten best camp sinks for the consumers to review and consider purchasing one. With the best camp sink, travelers or campers have their burden reduced to the least amount with clean water always available.

Buying Guide

It is essential to choose the right camp sink while going camping because we cannot live without clean water. Below are the features that determine the best camp sink:


The sink should be able to support at least 8 liters of water to accommodate the use of the users.

Safe Materials

With safe, non-toxic materials sued, this indicates that the water flow from the faucet or store in the tank is safe for different usage.


With a compact camp sink, it signals that it can fit with the roomy space, and it is easy to be carried while going outdoors.

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