Top 8 Best Egg Poachers in 2021 Reviews

Greetings to good bakers, cookers, professionals, and beginners out there. If you are born to live with food, this article is the best pick for you. Do you want to have a nicely decorated plate of food that can fulfill your stomach with its delicious taste? Or do you want to want to turn your simple food into fancier ones? Not to worry, we are here to solve all of your worries by turning the favorite of everyone into a whole new level with a kitchen appliance. We are introducing a product which is called egg poacher.

For those who still don’t get what that means, an egg poacher is a kind of kitchen appliance that helps cookers in having a delicious, rounded egg that is being cooked in a pot or rounded mold. Not to mention that this doesn’t only imply specifically for only egg poaches, but it is also applicable to various recipes too. Thus, this article will be briefly going through the top 8 Egg Poachers based on our experiences and their own features.

List of The Best Egg Poachers:

Best Egg Poachers Reviews:

08. Farberware Accessories Aluminum Nonstick 4-Cup Covered Egg Poacher Skillet

Coming off to the very first product of the review, which is an egg poacher that is made by Farberware. This is one of the greatest egg poachers of all that has a heavy constructed material which is made out of aluminum. Aluminum delivers quick and even heating temperature. Moreover, it comes with 4 nylon cups for you to cook at a time as well as a non-sticky surface that is easy to use and clean up.

Not to mention that, this kitchen appliance allows you to dish-wash it and the tray is removable too. Talking about its lid, it is durable which is made out of stainless steel and a handle that is tough and easy to grab. Please note that it is oven safe with the maximum temperature of 350degree Fahrenheit.

07. ExcelSteel 530 Egg Poacher, 2 Cup, Stainless

This might be an ideal pick for you, if you are looking for an egg poacher that has deep egg cups but in less quantity. ExcelSteel 530 comes with 2 deep egg cups for you to easily cook it with non-stick surface. Moreover, it is easy to clean up which every part of the poacher is dishwasher safe. Not to mention that, the body of this egg poacher is made out of stainless steel which stands for toughness and durability.

On top of that, the lid of this model is made out of tempered glass that allows you to see the egg being cooked clearly. ExcelSteel 530 comes with a high-versatility that can be switched easily to the normal frying pan, if you don’t want to make an egg poach. I’m sure that getting one of these won’t be disappointment for you guys.

06. ExcelSteel 521 Non Stick Easy Use Rust Resistant Induction Cooktop Egg Poacher

This is a great pick for you, if you are looking for a design that is completely the same as the previous model, but with more egg cups, this is for you. ExcelSteel 521 comes with the same actual design as ExcelSteel 530, except this has more egg cups, up to 4 cups. Moreover, just like the previous one, this model is made out of a heavy-duty stainless-steel construction that is shiny and durable too.

On top of that, the handle comes with the right size for you to easy grab it. The egg cups and other parts are dishwasher safe and the cups are coated to be non-sticky. The lid is made out of tempered class which is clear to see as well as 2 purposes in using, either an egg poacher or a frying pan, the choice is yours.

05. Cooks Standard 4 Cup Nonstick Hard Anodized Egg Poacher Pan

Moving on to the middle part of our review, which is another egg poacher that is made by Cooks Standard. This model comes in a really nice black coated pan and a shiny, tough handling grips for you to easily hold it. Moreover, this poacher comes in 4 metal egg cups for you with a deep hole up to 60ml for you to make various recipes besides egg poach too. On top of that, the cups are made to be non-sticky, so that you can easily cook food inside as well as cleaning up.

Not to mention that, the lid of this model is made out of tempered glass for you to easily view the food that is being cooked inside. The main made material of Cooks Standard’s egg poacher is made out of stainless-steel which ensures toughness and durability. This could work on most of the flammable surfaces such as gas, electrical stove, glass gas, halogen ceramic etc.

04. Modern Innovations Stainless Steel Poached Egg Cooker

If you are seeking for an egg poacher that its body is made out of a shiny stainless-steel and silicone coated handling grip, this might be the best pick for you. Modern Innovations provides an endless usage that does a really great job in making you delicious egg poachers with its 4 egg cups. Additionally, the 4 egg cups are made out of the Teflon which responds significantly as a non-sticking material and enduring to high-heat and they are removable too.

Just like other egg poachers, this model comes with a tempered glass lid that allows you to see the food being cooked in the pan clearly. As we mentioned the main made material of Modern Innovation’s egg poacher is stainless-steel which is indeed durable and tough as they are dishwasher safe too. It is applicable to induction tops and other heat-able surfaces. Not to mention that, this also comes with a spatula for easy scooping too.

03. Eggssentials Stainless Steel Egg Poacher Pan FDA

This is another high-end egg poacher that is being introduced to the market so far, which is made by Eggssentials. Eggssentials is perfect for those who wants to have an XL size egg poacher in their kitchen. This model comes in many egg cups than the rest of the products which is up to 6 egg cups with deep holes up to 75ml. In addition to this, the egg cups won’t be sticking and the components are dishwasher safe too.

Not to mention that, the tray is removable so that you can just switch it into a frying pan whenever you want to as well as it come in a 3-ply aluminum stand. Moreover, the lid is made out of extra thick tempered glass that ensures durability and you can see the food inside clearly too. The whole body of this guy is made out of a stainless-steel and a padded silicone grip for a cool handling as well.

02. Eggssentials Poached Egg Maker

If you are aiming for Eggssentials brand but desiring for less egg cups, so there we go. This model is another Eggssentials model that comes in only 4 egg cups and the cups are as deep as the previous model which is 75ml. Not to mention that, Eggssentials is the only brand that is being certified to be food grade safe and the cups won’t melt to breakdown. The stainless-steel offers a durable and tough usage even after a long-term usage.

Moreover, it is easy to clean up and the bottom of this is made out of 3-ply aluminum. On top of that, the lid is made to be extra thick which is enduring and crystal clear and this can be switched to a frying pan like the previous one too. There is a spatula provided for you to easily dig up the cooked egg recipes.

01. Hamilton Beach Electric Egg Cooker and Poacher

Moving on to the very last product of the review which is the brand to everyone’s heart. Yes, it is Hamilton Beach which is noted as one of the best brands in providing kitchen appliances for the consumers. The best part about this is that, unlike the rest of the egg poachers, this model runs by electricity, which its function is not only applicable for egg poachers but also medium, hard- and soft-boiled eggs.

Moreover, the capacity of the egg holds is up to 7 non-stick trays and 3 egg cups, which is a lot than any others. Since it is an electrical machine, this model offers a time limit which turns off automatically in 6-8 minutes. The best part about this is that it comes at a really affordable price and I’m sure that this last baby won’t disappoint you.


We’ve finally come to an end to this article. To sum up, it is a really great idea for you guys to have an egg poacher at each of your houses. Not only it is easy to use, but also, it is less time consuming, safe to use, nice and delicious egg poach as well as getting they are applicable with other recipes too. I’m sure that if you get one of the products that are reviewed above, you won’t feel regret after getting one since they are useful and handy too.

Egg Poacher Buying Guide:

We need to be decisive in picking any product, especially when it comes to something that is mechanical and electrical. There are so many egg poachers being launched in the market, but you have to find the want that suits your preferences as well as high-quality for long-term usage too. That’s why this article is a guide to help you pick a better egg poacher that is durable, enduring based on a few bullet points:


It is highly recommended to find the ones whose material is either made out of aluminum or stainless steel for durability

Egg Cups:

The proportion is recommended to be at least 2 with the capacity of 50ml and find the ones that provide you guys with non-stick or Teflon coats.


Find a Stainless Steel or padded layer of silicone for a cooling grip.


It is a good idea to find an egg poacher which its components are removable and can be switched to a frying pan.

Dishwasher Safe:

Make sure to find the one which is dishwasher safe so that you will receive clean kitchen gadgets in cooking your food.


Please make sure that you are finding the one that is compatible with the most heated surfaces to ensure safety in using; such as induction stoves, electrical stove, glass, halogen ceramic, etc.

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