Top 10 Best Heated Toilet Seats in 2021 Reviews

The quality of life begins with the quality of products in day-to-day usages, such as using the toilet. The efficiency of a toilet is determined by the comfort level of a toilet seat. The best heated toilet seat provides a warm and caring experience for every single individual.

Are you still searching for the right toilet seat to fit your toilet? If so, you have come to the right page as our research into the toilet seat market will demonstrate the top ten toilet seats that are highly praised by the consumers.

List of The Best Heated Toilet Seats:

Best Heated Toilet Seats Reviews:

10. Brondell LumaWarm Heated Nightlight Toilet Seat

With the choice of both elongated and round shapes, this toilet seat will offer you the best experience in the cold dark nights. Users can adjust the temperature of the seat according to the settings of the four seasons. The LED blue nightlight is there to guide you through the darkness in the middle of the night without further efforts to turn on the toilet light.

After using the toilet, users will not get interrupted with the noise as the seat and lid will close gently. With a simple installation process, you can choose between white and biscuit color to best fit the decoration of your toilet.

Brondell LumaWarm is the best option with perfect warmth and light to comfort you during nights.

09. ToastieTush (Elongated)- Innovative Toilet Seat Warmer

With the recognition of UL & CSA certifications, this toilet seat is an outstanding heating pad that is put beneath existing seat to transfer warmth to the user. It enables you to enjoy 3 different comfortable settings with less energy usage, at only 14-28 watts. When you are not there, the seat automatically send warmth to the seat for your next experience.

The vinyl elongated toilet seat is even waterproof, which allows you to do the cleaning with less time and energy. Consumers are guaranteed to receive the money back in six months if the experience does not match their expectations.

To prioritize your safety, this Toastie Tush toilet seat is designed with advanced technology proved to be the safest.

08. KOHLER PureWarmth Heated Toilet Seat

KOHLER toilet seat is highly recommended thanks to its various significant features. No matter it is in cool spring or cold winter, users can make their own adjustments to the temperature of the seat, including high, medium and low settings to suit the environment. During nighttime, its LED light gives you two different experiences, either guiding light, when you close the lid, or task light, when the lid is open. In terms of color and brightness, users can have two choices to match their preferences. Moreover, with its purewarmth app, users are able to set their own preferences on the level of warmth and brightness for their daily schedule.

If you are looking for a quiet and convenient experience with toilet seat, consider KOHLER as its lid goes down quietly and cleaning requires no additional tools.

07. Bio Bidet Ultimate BB-600 Advanced Bidet Toilet Seat

Bio Bidet toilet seat comes with advanced technology with the best experience in smart control panel. For users who prioritize cleanliness, this toilet seat contains perfect cleaning function. It uses warm water in the cases of both front and rear cleansing.

Users can choose their desired level of temperature, pressure and position to best comfort themselves. More importantly, energy save mode is available for consumers to reduce their energy and toilet paper consumption.

Bio Bidet is guaranteed for two years in their manufacture coverage to ensure its quality.

06. TOTO C100 WASHLET Electronic Bidet Toilet Seat with PreMist

Being one of the most famous brands and gaining consumer’s trust for over 100 years, TOTO toilet seat is designed with cleansing, heating and drying functions to keep consumers warm and comfortable. The premist function is offered to prevent waste from leaking out and save time and efforts from cleaning.

Users have 3 options for their temperature settings to choose the highest level of comfort. The side panel enables you to access to water cleansing function with desired water temperature and pressure.

With outstanding hardwares and construction, TOTO would be your instant luxury, which is easily added to your bathroom.

05. Bemis Radiance Plastic Toilet Seat

If you are tired of the complicated process of the installation and frequent changes of broken toilet seats, then Bemis Radiance plastic toilet seat would be your perfect option. The toilet seat comes with the STA-TITE Fastening System, which allows users to install easily and quickly and ensures that it is tightened. Users can adjust the seat front and back to fit the toilet bowl with the Super Grip Bumper to maintain the position.

Additionally, users can enjoy three different temperature settings. After using, the seat will close itself slowly to prevent slamming with a tap at last to prevent pinched fingers. Last but not least, it can fit with all brands of round toilets, including TOTO and American Standards.

04. Lotus Hygiene Systems ATS-500 Advanced Smart Toilet Seat Bidet

Offered at an affordable price, Lotus brand toilet seat is able to install with both round and elongated sizes. With stainless and adjustable cleansing nozzle, the smart seat provides continuous warm water to guarantee the cleanliness. The Purestream technology offers soft water stream that cleans safely and comfortably in different functions, including feminine, posterior and child wash. After washing, it even offers you with warm air dryer feature to save the use of toilet papers.

With 2 years warranty from the manufacturer, you can rely on the quality and durability of Lotus toilet seat.

03. Smart Bidet SB-1000 Electric Bidet for Toilets with Remote Control

Replacing the traditional type of toilet and toilet tissues with the smart seat, SmartBidet includes a remote control to navigate the advanced functions of the seat. Users can make their own desired adjustments to all features, including water pressure, temperature, nozzle positions and air dryer. There are 5 levels of water pressure, nozzle positions and air dryer to suit your best, whereas water temperature comes with three levels of settings.

If you choose Smart Bidet, you will be surprised and satisfied with its comfort and convenience by all its amazing features.

02. Brondell Swash Oscillating Stainless-Steel Nozzle, Warm Air Dryer

Available in three different styles in both elogated and round shape, this toilet seat is manufactured with best quality parts. Users can easily install the toilet on their own within an hour without additional help from plumbers. The bidet suits all round toilets in any bathroom designs. Its main features include the front and rear cleansing with perfect water temperature and gentle and quiet closing seat. More importantly, it does not require any batteries or electricity to operate the toilet.

In fact, this is the era of Wash Don’t Wipe Revolution. If you choose Brondell Swash, it will return to you with the best hygiene experience.

01. SmartBidet SB-2000 Electronic Heated Toilet Seat with Warm Air Dryer

As an environmentally friendly product, Smart Bidet SB-2000 offers an advanced design with a control panel. Users can enjoy various washing functions including automatic cleaning nozzle and oscillation. Its multi-wash functions aim at the comfort of different cleansing positions, including front and back cleaning. The seat is heated for the users at three different levels with sensor to detect when to stop the heating system. Users can make proper adjustments to the water pressure, temperature, nozzle positions and air dryer to attain the most comfortable experience.

You can turn on the energy saving mode to maximize your comfort and minimize the power with this Smart Bidet.


After reading a quick review of various heated toilet seat, you should confident with choosing the best toilet seat to give you the most comfortable experience. Regardless of the changing weather of the seasons, you can still achieve the best comfort in the toilet by the right toilet seat. The article has introduced the top ten rankings of toilet seats that you should consider choosing one of them to match your expectations.

Buying Guides

A bathroom is not complete without a comfortable toilet seat. If you are not sure about what features determine the best one, this little section will provide you some ideas on the key criteria.


Different seat shapes fit with different shapes of toilet bowl. The choice between round and elongated should be carefully considered to fit your existing toilet bowl.


When using a smart toilet seat, it is essential to learn about its key features, which allow you to make proper adjustments to your preference, including the water temperature, pressure and seat heat.


An outstanding toilet seat should be easily installed by the user without extra help from plumbers. It should fit precisely with the existing toilet bowl.


The easier the cleaning process, the better the experience. Therefore, it is important to buy the smart seat with functions to minimize the time and effort to clean.


One of the main features to determine whether it is a good toilet seat is the noise it makes while closing the lid. The lid should close gently and quietly without further disturbances to the users.

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