10 Best Ice Skate Bags of 2021 Buying Guide

To any skater, owning a great pair of ice skates is not really an easy task because it demands proper care of those pairs regardless. Alongside with ice skates maintenance, ice skate bags are must-haves. When you have your skate boots, carrying them by hand all the way to the mountains is going to be a tedious task for you if you will use your hand.

That is why we are coming with the best ice skates bags that you can use to carry your items with ease. not many have reached our potentials because some of the bags can also allow you to use them as a sit. Let me guide you through what we have for you.

Our Top Picks:

List of The Best Ice Skating Bag Reviews:

10. ZUCA Sport Artist Bag and Frame with Built-in Seat

10. ZUCA Sport Artist Bag and Frame with Built-in Seat
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It is a bag that has been designed to feature 4 large utility pockets that will carry your luggage with simplicity. The pouches have been made in such a manner that they are able to slide inside the insert bag so that you are able to organize your supplies and any other essentials that you have. The frame has been made from an aluminum alloy so that it is light enough but strong for use as you travel.

9. High Bounce Rollerblades Bag, Hockey Skate Figure Shoes Case

9. High Bounce Rollerblades Bag, Hockey Skate Figure Shoes Case
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There are some bags that are in the market that might be priced ten times like this, but they don’t match their ability to do work. This one has been designed with one huge advantage, in the sense that it is able to alloy the skates sit outside the pockets that are covered in mesh. This means that the skates are able to get a good time to air out and dry in a good manner.

8. Transpack Edge Isosceles Ski Boot Bag

8. Transpack Edge Isosceles Ski Boot Bag
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The kind of bag that we have here has a lightweight but also rugged. It has been made to be able to get your boots and also gear all the way to the mountain in the easiest manner possible. It does not matter which weather conditions you will come across; they will ensure that what you bought them to do is done. It has been fitted with adjustable neoprene shoulder straps that are also padded for maximum shoulder comfort.

7. ZUCA Sport Artist Bag and Frame with Built-in Seat

7. ZUCA Sport Artist Bag and Frame with Built-in Seat
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Although this bag has been designed to be light, I have to assure you that it is strong enough to be used for travel. In fact, it has the ability to hold up to 300 lbs of weight. This is unique because I have to assure you that you are never going to miss a seat as you wait for a train, bus or even a flight. The bottom has been designed with 2 feet and also 2 wheels for easy movement.

6. Zuca Bag Wonderland – White Frame

6. Zuca Bag Wonderland - White Frame
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it has been designed with a strong aluminum frame that is light but also strong. That is why it is able to hold up to 300 lbs. the insert bag that it has been designed with is also removable, washed by hand and made from 600D premium resistant polyester. Fitted with a dual wheel system that makes it able to climb walls and stairs with ease.

5. ZUCA Ice Dreamz Sport Insert Bag & Frame

5. ZUCA Ice Dreamz Sport Insert Bag & Frame
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If you are looking for a bag that is sturdy and also roomy inside, then you are here to get the right one. It has been designed with the best and cute flashing wheels that make it look admirable. Other than being sparky, I have to assure you that you will enjoy the colors that are also bright and bringing you the best fun ever. Designed with pockets on the sides that will come handy when needed.

4. ZUCA Bag Wonderland Skate Bag

4. ZUCA Bag Wonderland
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What made people make this kind of bag is the aerospace technology with an alloy frame that makes it strong. It is also able to hold up to 300 lbs. Fitted with a dual wheel system that is going to ensure that you climb stairs in the best manner possible. The wheels also are made with 4” polyurethane that absorbs shock. That entails that you will have a silent ride at all times.

3. Athletico Ice & Inline Skate Bag – Premium Bag to Carry Ice Skates

3. Athletico Ice & Inline Skate Bag - Premium Bag to Carry Ice Skates
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Designed with two large main pockets that are able to carry ice skates, roller skates, inline skates, or even rollerblades. It fits men’s skates up to size 13. If you want to carry clothes to change, the large center pocket is able to do that. There is also a small side pocket that is able to carry your cellphone pads among others.

2. Epic Skates Limited Edition Roller Skate Bag

2. Epic Skates Limited Edition Roller Skate Bag
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The materials that have been used in making the bag is tear-resistant and durable. That is why it has reinforced seams that ensure nothing pops out with ease. the kind of zipper that it has is also one that is heavy-duty. That is why the main compartment and side pockets will never lose your stuff when you carry them. fitted with a plastic ID card holder that is able to identify your property in the easiest manner possible.

1. Transpack ICE Skate BackPack

1. Transpack ICE Skate BackPack
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Made with a three pocket system that will keep everything organized. They will also help the skates to dry. To make it the best and also last longer, a water-resistant coated 60 denier polyester material is all that has been used. The shoulder straps that it has are adjustable and also padded. That means that you will enjoy carrying it because of the comfort that it provides.


As you have seen, nothing is going to be ahead of us. we are always ahead and we don’t allow people to follow, if they follow, they at a great distance. The skate bags that are here are perfect for your maintaining. They will also assist you in carrying all your luggage with ease.

Best Ice Skate Bag Buying Guide

To buy an ice skate bag that you will completely be happy about, there are a few important things that you need to look into the bag.

Below are the 3 fundamental steps that you should follow to buy the best ice skate bag which includes:

  1. Understanding the common types of ice skate bags
  2. Choosing the design and materials chosen
  3. Defining your requirements and buying the ice skate bag

Step 1: Understand the common types of ice skate bag

Although there are thousands of design and colors are made for ice skate bags, the overall styles are still categorized into a few types only. Each type is designed by a different type of material, size, and shape. Hence, to understand better, you can check out in the below part

  1. Triangle ice skate bag

    • This is the most commonly owned ice skate bag. In other words, at least 9 out of 10 skaters use this bag to contain its ice skate. It is usually designed in a triangular shape; which is perfect for a pair of ice skates. It comes with a single zipper on the bag, so it’s super easy to use because you can always find anything you need at just one pocket. For this bag, it has two different designs, too.
    • The first design is this triangle bag, which is designed with a closed seal while the second type is also in triangular shape but it is designed with a ventilated cloth. Usually, a lot of people will prefer the ventilated triangular bag like the second type over the first type because after skating, sometimes the ice skate might release some unpleasant odor; hence, the ventilated bag will allow a good flow of air which can reduce the odor from sticking on the bag interior.
    • As long as the size of this type is concerned, although it’s common that this bag type comes with a one-size-fits-all model, it’s also useful to check the dimension of the bag before purchasing, too; just in case it comes with particular size instead. In terms of price, triangle ice skate bags are usually the most affordable, compared to any bag for ice skates storing purposes.
  2. Ice skate backpack

    • Another type of ice skate bag is the backpack type. The look and design of this ice skate bag type are similar to the typical package. This bag type is often designed with either a ventilated or ventilated feature; depends on the products’ brand. The benefits to this bag as compared to others is that users can simply carry it at their backs, so it can reduce a lot of pressure that can cause them back pain.
    • Moreover, it can also store a big amount of stuff; compared to the first bag type. Ice skate backpack usually comes with many compartments at the inner bag and more pocket at the outer bag. However, if compared in terms of price, this type costs a bit more compare to the previous type. Still, for such practical reasons, paying a higher price should not be a big problem for avid skaters out there.
  3. Rolling suitcase/Trolley bag

    • As of rolling suitcases or trolley bags, it is one of the most common types of ice skate bag that a lot of professional skater like to use; especially when they have to prepare for the game or the competition because Rolling suitcase is usually big and spacious in terms of size and storage capacity. Hence, it can store a lot of ice skates and other important accessories, too.
    • Besides, what makes this type of ice skate bag a favorite type from users is because it has the rolling wheel as the bottom part of the bag which makes it super portable. People can simply roll it around like luggage.
    • Also, it won’t cause anybody pain that usually derived from carrying heavy stuff on the back or shoulder. One point you should take note about this trolley ice skate bag is that it’s normally not ventilated. So when keeping the ice skates in this bag, you should remember to take the ice skates out once you reach home.

Step 2: Choose the design and materials chosen

To choose the ice skate, step 1 knowledge is super important, but step 2 should not be skipped, either. In this step, you are precisely guided through the type of design and materials you need to look into an ice skate bag.

What to look for in an ice skate bag?

  • First of all, in terms of material, you should be looking for the oxford or polyester type of fabric because they are highly durable, tear-resistant and even water-resistant to some extent. Such material will be the best for ice skate because sometimes the ice skates might be wet from sweat, so they mentioned material has the best compromising capabilities.
  • Secondly, for the zipper and detachable shoulder strap hardware, it is vital that you look for stainless steel type of metal or grommet metal because it can protect the metal from getting rust when in constant contact with body sweat or dirt.
  • Thirdly, in terms of the design, it is recommended that you look for any bag that has the zippered mesh pocket or bottle water pocket as you can store these items securely without keeping them together with ice skates. Especially with your electronic devices like phones, putting it separately from ice skate can protect them from getting scratches by the ice skate blade.

Step 3: Define your requirements and buy the ice skate bag

Coming to this stage, you are already equipped with any knowledge you need to own to buy the best ice skate blade already. The only thing left that you need to consider is your actual requirement. It is crucial to look at how are you going to use the bag will also help you determine which bag type you should go for.

Let’s say, if you are a beginner and only own a pair of ice skates, it is most recommended that you start your first purchase of ice skate bag with the triangular shape type; and best with ventilation feature. It is easy to bring along because it is compact and you don’t really bring a lot of stuff along.

However, if you usually bring a lot of things; something like clothes for changing and more, to skating, it is better that you look for the backpack-type because you can contain a lot more stuff there. Finally, if you also have a lot of stuff to bring with for skating and you don’t want to carry it on yourself, the rolling type is what you should look for.

It’s easy and super portable although the price would be a bit higher compared to any other type. So, choosing the type of ice skate bag to purchase shall be based on your own factors; like how would you want to use it and how much you’re comfortable with paying for.

Bonus Tip:

When buying an ice skates bag, it is best to buy it with the blade covers because it is not only important to protect the blade from getting scratched and less sharp. By putting together with other items, it is also to prevent other items from getting scratched from the blade, too.

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