Top 10 Best Mens Snowboard Helmets in 2021 Reviews

Snowboarding is a great sporting activity indeed. It is however not without its fair share of dangers. Perhaps the most significant of these is the risk of head injuries. These injuries are potentially too harmful. They may cause permanent damages to the head and other portions of the cardiovascular system.

Because of this, you want to secure your head appropriately at all times. You can also achieve this by putting on a secure and specially designed snowboard. Our discussions going forward are dedicated to helping you find the right helmet of this kind. It dares to highlight and briefly discuss the top ten men’s snowboard helmets.

Our Top Picks:


10. Phantom Helmet with Audio and Snow Supra Goggle

10: Phantom Helmet with Audio and Snow Supra Goggle
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You do not have to cease from enjoying your favorite tracks as you snowboard. Not with this helmet in your custody. By the virtue of the fact that it possesses integrated audio speakers, the helmet allows you to listen to music as you snowboard.

The helmet also contains anti-fog shields, supra goggles, ultra-violet protective layer, dual venting, and an adjustable strap. It is also accompanied by a protective case and a bag. These two enable you to easily store it whenever you are no longer using it. On the whole, the helmet is highly breathable and is a comfort to wear for longer.

9. Black Diamond Vector Helmet

9: Black Diamond Vector Helmet
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Snowboarding for a prolonged duration of time comes with the danger of heating and potentially suffocating. This is where this wonderful helmet comes in. It is designed for use for a prolonged duration of time. This stems from its ability to dissipate sweat and guarantee a smooth flow of air continually.

This helmet is also adjustable. This is to mean that you may alter its size and dimensions to respond to the unique size of your head. This again goes a long way in enhancing your comfort. This arrangement allows you also to undertaking complex maneuvers without fearing that the helmets may possibly fall off.

8. Smith Optics Vantage – MIPS Adult Snow Snowmobile Helmet – Matte Gunmetal

8: Smith Optics Vantage - MIPS Adult Snow Snowmobile Helmet - Matte Gunmetal
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You can never afford to gamble with the safety of your head. This is especially in the event of a competitive sporting activity. This is due to the fact that such activities do witness a surge in the possibilities of injuries or brain damage.

By possessing a hybrid SL shell construction, this helmet is tough enough to guarantee all-rounded protection. It also features the renowned Aerocore construction. This comes along with the low-profile and dual-regulator adjustable climate control. These enable you to alter the temperature and other vital parameters. It, therefore, follows that this helmet combines both style and technology.

7. Smith Optics Holt (Matte White) Snowboard Helmet

7: Smith Optics 2019 Holt (Matte White) Snowboard Helmet
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If you have a delicate skull or simply want the best ever protection for your head, you might want to consider this helmet. It is stronger and more reliable. It is thus better placed at withstanding stronger impacts and securing your head better. Moreover, it can also control the flow of air and thus ensure a steady breathability.

It has fourteen different options for you to regulate the air. These options allow your head to quickly cool even when subjected to intense heat. It also has perforations that dissipate vapor. These perforations minimize the condensation of vapor on the screens. In light of this, the benefit of higher visibility is yours to reap.

6. Smith Optics Zoom Junior Helmet

6: Smith Optics Zoom Junior Helmet
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Are you short on muscles? Worry not! You still have a helmet that can serve you well. This is the helmet that suits your unique circumstance. It features an extremely lightweight in-mold construction (it weighs only 11.5 ounces/325 grams). Being light, it calls for less effort on your part. You may also wear it for longer without confronting any fatigue.

Accompanying this wonderful equipment are ventilation holes and an Airflow climate control. The helmet is also adjustable and contains super soft and furry tricot inner lining. These features jointly enhance your comfort in times of use. They thus allow you to wear them for long.

5. Smith Optics Smith Men Aspect Helmet

5: Smith Optics Smith Men Aspect Helmet
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Purchasing the right helmet does not have to be too much of an uphill task. This is particularly the case with this plastic construction helmet. The helmet is indeed lighter in weight and cheaper to afford on the whole. It also possesses a range of features that are geared toward enhancing your comfort in times of use.

Some of these elegant features are the adjustable dial fit system, PC shell, an inner Expanded Polystyrene foam liner, 14-regulator adjustable vents, and 2 goggle-compatible ventilation system, to mention but a few! All these features jointly confer maximum comfort and relative ease of use.

4. Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt Snow Sports Helmet

4: Smith Optics Unisex Adult Holt Snow Sports Helmet
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If you are a regular snowboarder, you definitely want a helmet that you may put on year round. This is to take care of the seasonal variations that do come and go. This helmet, as you are about to see, fits that bill perfectly well. Perhaps its most distinguishable trait is the convertible pad kit which keeps you warm in the winter months and cools in the summer months.

You will also enjoy unbridled visibility due to the anti-fog screen. Its perforations also channel air out of the helmet effectively. This prevents overheating and ensures that your hair is dry and safe all the time.

3. Giro Disciple MIPS MTB Helmet

3: Giro Disciple MIPS MTB Helmet
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In some instances, the sport of snowboard may turn tragic. This is due to the extreme shakings and vibrations that the terrain may inflict. This calls for specially designed helmets that can absorb the shocks and vibrations. Perhaps no other helmet beats this one, insofar as withstanding such circumstances is concerned.

It does come along also with 14 vents that have internal channeling. These vents channel the ventilation at brow line for maximum outcomes. Its Nitrile padding which adorns the jawline contributes immensely to impact management in this sensitive area. It does have a camera that can help you keep track of the events that transpire.

2. Bern, Multi-Sport Helmet for Kids and Adults Bike Skate, Team Macon, Multiple Colors, and Sizes

2: Bern, Multi-Sport Helmet for Kids and Adults Bike Skate, Team Macon, Multiple Colors, and Sizes
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To save yourself from the inconveniences of having to purchase numerous helmets for various occasions, you may need a universal helmet. This is basically one that can fit various circumstances and usage environments. This is the role that this particular helmet dares to solve. It can fit various working conditions well.

It is skate-inspired and urban in appearance. It fits various roles and usage conditions. This makes it cheaper and all the more convenient to engage. Moreover, it also has a high-quality construction, a performance fit, and clean lines which enhance its overall appearance. It is therefore on the whole, pretty convenient.

1. Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet

1: Lucky Bums Snow Sport Helmet
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Are you a competitive sportsman? If you answered ‘yes,’ you need to get hold of this helmet right away! It is indeed intended for those who are active. It has protective layers, a goggle loop, and padded chin straps. These offer maximum protection regardless of the prevailing circumstance of use.

Apart from the aforementioned features, the helmet also possesses the strong ABS material construction, two reinforced layers for added strength, and an EPS outer shell for added protection. What’s more? It is hypoallergenic and will thus hardly inflict respiratory disorders and other associated medical conditions.


Just to repeat the main point, it is always necessary to put on a helmet while snowboarding. This reduces the likelihood of concussions, head injuries, damages to the brain, and a host of other issues. By considering the items we have reviewed above, you will surely be on the right path to the best ever experience.

It is inadvisable to drag your feet to acquire any of the helmets we have reviewed. Any delays may often lead to shortages or spending too much later. This indeed is the time to make up your mind to purchase any of the said items.

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