Top 10 Best Portable Air Tanks in 2021 Reviews

If you find yourself always on the road commuting to distant areas quite often, then, you must have a portable air tank in your car – for emergency purposes. Yet, with plenty of products available, how do distinguish the good ones from the bad ones? No worries anymore because our team has scoured the Internet and we have found the top 10 best portable air tanks worth buying. Now, let’s get through these outstanding picks.

List of The Best Portable Air Tanks:

Best Portable Air Tanks Reviews:

01. Performance Tool W10005 Portable Air Tank With Tire Air Chuck

This first high-performing product that you are going to hear from us goes to Performance Tool. The capacity of this air tank is 125 psi while the weight of it is very light. For the user’s convenience in carrying this compact air tank around, this tank is well designed to have a handle. This will make sure that you can carry it around from place to place with much ease.

It is also good to notice that you can make adjustments on the air flow this tank offers, too. Please be noted that there is 5 gallons of air in this tank; therefore, it is known to be a suitable option for filling the tires, sports equipment and more. The size of this product is 19 x 10 x 12 inches.

02. Pro-Force FT5 5-Gallon Portable Air Tank

This product from ProForce has many awesome features that will impress you. With its maximum PSI of 135, you can use this portable air tank for just about any purpose without any concern. The quality of this product is ensured to be great as it is made from high-quality materials. A handle is added and it is thoroughly welded, too.

If you have this product with you, you can fix emergency flat tires easily. Last but not least, this tank can hold up to 5 gallons of air for your needs. Don’t worry; this product is fully assembled, so you can use it right away.

03. EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Compressor Pump, Digital Tire Inflator

We have spotted another incredible product, and it is known as the EPAuto air compressor. As the name has suggested, this one is well designed to be a portable product. You can even plug it with the lighter port in your car too. More awesome than other options, it is smartly designed to work well with many types of vehicle. With this product in your car, the problem with flat tires will be eliminated.

The display of this user-friendly product is nice and clear. As a result, you can check the status of it by just glancing at the display. The size of this portable air tank is 13.5 x 8.1 x 5.6 inches.

04. Torin Big Red Portable Horizontal Air Tank with 50″ Hose

If you’re looking for a product that has a large capacity, let us introduce to you this 11 gallon air tank. With the size of 24.4 x 13 x 14.4 inches, the pressure and capacity of this one is ensured to be superior. You can also read the air pressure with ease too. The display on this tank allows you to check the status of it without any concern.

Another great feature is the awesome tank can hold the pressure up to months. It is also good to know that pressure release is built-in in this device too. If you need a good quality portable air tank, do not miss out on this one.

05. California Air Tools AUX05 Portable Air Tank, 5 gallon

This portable air tank from California Air Tools offers you an exceptionally great performance. First of all, the capacity of the air that it can hold is 5 gallons; therefore, it is known to be an ideal choice for fixing flat tires and many sport equipments. The size of this tank is only 20.8 x 8.6 x 12.2 inches, and the weight of it is very light as well. With this in hand, you can work on various projects with little concern.

Please be noted that you can also connect the hose with the tank and use it without having to worry about the assembly process.

06. Metabo HPT UA3810AB 10 gallon Reserve Air Tank

Coming up next, this is another top-rated air tank which is known for its high pressure. Metabo HPT tank is smartly designed to hold the capacity of 10 gallons of air. A valve is attached; making it much easier when you need to turn it on and off. It is also good to know that there are up to 5 connect couplers in this tank. In terms of quality, this one is built to last.

For the safety of the user, all the materials chosen are strong enough to withstand strong pressure. The size of this durable air tank is 25.2 x 13 x 20 inches.

07. JEGS 81001 5 gal. Horizontal Portable Aluminum Air Tank

This high-performing product form JEGS will offer you the best. This one carries the maximum capacity of 5 gallons. This way you can get enough air for working on your air inflation task.

For the convenience of the user, the unit is also light in weight too. Compared to many other products, it is 50 times lighter than other portable air tanks. For your information, the pressure it can deliver is 125 PSI.

08. BOSTITCH Pancake Air Compressor

BOSTITCH makes their way to our list today by introducing this well-reviewed fully assembled air compressor. The first great feature that differs it from other options is the quiet operation of it. This product can hold up to 6 gallons of air with the pressure of 90 PSI. If you take a closer look at the design of it, there are up to 2 couplers. The size of it is only 17 x 17 x 19.2 inches, with the weight of 29 Lbs.

This product is known to be an ideal choice for carrying and storing anywhere you want. More than this, this one is a highly recommended choice for safe and quiet operations.

09. Viair 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor

Known for its superb qualities, this portable air compressor from VIAIR is a desirable option to choose. The maximum pressure offered by it is 120 PSI; therefore, it is the perfect for working with just about anything you want. The size of it is only 6.8 x 6.2 x 10.8 inches and it is powered by battery. It is also recognized as an ideal choice for having in your vehicle such as truck, SUV, sedan and more.

The size of the tire that it can inflate is up to 33 inches. You can also check its status by looking at the power indicator. The power cord is 10 ft long and the air hose is 16 ft long.

10. Avid Power Tire Inflator Air Compressor

The champion in the list today is no other than this Avid Power air compressor. The power that this unit uses is 12V, so it can pump the tire of the car easily. The pressure given is 30 PSI, allowing it to pump the tire in just 3 minutes. Don’t worry about the quality of it since the materials used are carefully chosen.

For the safety of the user and your equipment, it can automatically shut off when it reaches the limited pressure. It doesn’t only work with the tire, but it works with many other equipment too. The size of this product is 11.4 x 8.8 x 5.2 inches.


Having gone through these top 10 best portable air tank reviews, shopping for one should now be a hassle-free task. For further aid, please refer to a short portable air tank’s buying guide below.

Portable Air Tank Buying Guides

Size and capacity

The size of the portable air tank is very important. If you plan to store the unit in the car, then you should go for a smaller tank. Plus, the unit’s capacity is what you need to keep in mind too. Hence, check the air tank’s size as well as air capacity and get the one that meets your requirements.


The next thing to keep in mind is the pressure of the air tank. The pressure of the air tank varies from one unit to another, and it totally depends on the user’s preference. Please be noted that the pressure starts from 100 PSI to 300 PSI.

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