Top 8 Best Slide Scanners in 2021 Reviews

A slide scanner is a must-have tool if you have old negatives needed to be digitalized or you happen to be an analogue 35mm camera user. It isn’t that much of a difficult task to find slide scanners on the market, yet how do you distinguish the low-quality ones from the good ones?

That is why our team has done the legwork for you. We have scoured the Internet to find the top 8 best slide scanners of the year. Now, let’s get started with these fantastic entries.

List of The Best Slide Scanners:

Best Slide Scanners Reviews:

08. KODAK SCANZA Digital Film & Slide Scanner

Most of you might have known this brand already. It is the Kodak brand which is quite famous back then. It is a slide scanner that could scan all the films produced by the old-style camera and allows you to see your old-time pictures back. Also, it can convert your film into JPEG in just a second. First, let us talk about the scanner’s size. It is super convenient to use as it is made in small size only 5 inches big and its weight is also light which about 1 pound only.

This one is made it easy for you to carry along. Moreover, it has an LCD screen about 3.5 inches that help you edit your pictures, and show previews of the pictures. It also has the instructions on screen which can advise you how you do it. Moreover, the unit also comes with an adaptor. After you scan files, you can also save and share them to your devices like a laptop or a smartphone as well.

07. DIGITNOW Film Scanner

Moving on to another brand of slide scanners, we have Digitnow. From time to time, we would like to remind ourselves of old memories with the old films that we took a long time ago. Thus, this Digitnow slide scanner can help you scan films and turn them into images that you can share again. This scanner machine is quite small and light weight, so it easy to use and good to bring along with you.

This scanner can convert those film size 35mm or 110 films or 126 films into JPEG files in just seconds. You can also adjust the images in your film with some brightness and color as well. After scanning, you can share all the image from the film to your smart devices such as a laptop or a smartphone or transfer it to the SD card.

You can edit your pictures to black and white version or color version with this scanner too because there is a small 2.4 inches LCD screen which allows you to see and check those photos from the film.

06. DIGITNOW! 135 Film Negative Scanner High Resolution

Here is another model from Digitnow brand that will help you in scanning those old film of yours into beautiful images. You can recall back your memories and old moment if you keep those old film and you scan those film with this machine.

The machine is pretty easy to use. You just put the film of your images in there and just click some button then it will scan everything. You can also edit your image and adjust its quality and effects, too. The machine is equipped with a small screen, so you can see your images from the film inside.

It will convert the image into jpeg files type and you can save it. Upon purchase, you will get its package of accessories such as USB cable, cleaning brush, film and slide holder, adaptor and more.

05. Digitnow Slide Scanner Converts Negative

This number 5 of the list is also one of the models from the Digitnow brand . This one is such a portable product that everyone can use. This slide scanner can exactly convert your old memories pictures into another version of new image. This scanner is capable of converting 135 mm films into reality again.

With just a click to scan the film on this device, you will be able to get new digital photos. Moreover, this scanner can also be connected to your laptop or desktop, and allow you edit your old photos with some effects as well. After all that, you will get to save all of those beautiful pictures to your devices.

04. Epson Perfection V600 Color Photo

Here we’ll look at a different brand of slide scanners, which is from the Epson brand. This one is known for its quality and smart digital function. It is more special than some other models because this scanner can scan various types of files such as photos, documents, and film scanning.

The machine is quite big, but not too big to place it in your work desk. In addition to just scanning your photo, this scanner has an ability to remove all dust and scratches on your films, which will make your photos come out clearer and neat. It also lets you edit photos as well

03. Magnasonic All-In-One Slide & Film Scanner

Let’s check out another beautiful and convenieny slide scanner machine from Magnasonic. If you are fond of looking back to the old memories, this unit can help you with that. The slide scanner can convert pictures in your film into new digital pictures. It is compatible for 35mm films, 135 slides, 110mm, and 126 film. It can convert your photos into such a high quality up to 23 megapixels.

This little scanner is designed with a small screen that allows you to preview your photo as well as to edit your photos as you want. You don’t need any computer or smart device because you can tune the photo’s brightness on this scanner directly. It does come with an SD card which could save photos up to 4000 images at a time.

02. DIGITNOW 22MP All-in-1 Film & Slide Scanner

Are you looking for a film scanner product that could bring back all your photos back to life? If you are, this Digitnow slide scanner can do that for you. This little machine can scan all your films and convert them into digital pictures. It can even make your picture even clearer up to 22 megapixels.

This slide scanner is built in with a 128 GB memory. All the pictures will be converted from film to jpeg files and it allows you to share them to your devices such as laptops and smartphones too.

Even if it is small but this scanner also has its little LCD screen preview to show pictures from the film before you decide to scan it out.

01. KODAK Mobile Film Scanner  Scan & Save

Reaching the last product, we have a little slide and film scanner from the Kodak brand. In order to bring back your old photos to life, you can have this little scanner to help you with that. The scanner machine will be able to scan all your films and show you such beautiful pictures back then. It is compatible with the 35mm film type. All you need to do is just put the film inside this machine to scan and you can connect with a smartphone to show previews.

You can also download the free application on your smartphone to do that. Inside the application of your phone, you can also make some editions to your photo such as effects, brightness or filter in any color you want. So, you need just one smartphone and this Kodak scanner machine, then you can have such pretty pictures out of it.

Buying Guide for Slide Scanner

You have just looked at a round-up of the top 10 best slide scanners of the year. Any of these picks will be able to cater to your needs just fine. Yet, in case you still have doubts, continue reading to learn about Slide Scanners’ Buying Guides.


First off, we would like to talk about the slide scanner’s size. When buying a slide scanner, you should look for one that comes in a convenient size that you can easily place on your working desk. You probably don’t need a very big scanner for the scanning task. Indeed, there are many types of modern scanner that are designed very small but very useful to use. You can place the unit anywhere and bring it along with you, too.


Also, as of the weight of the scanner, you need to buy the one that comes in a lightweight, so that you can carry it with your own hand, and it will be easy to take care of.


The next point that you should take into consideration when buying a scanner is about compatibility that the scanner offers. That, we refer to how smart the scanner can work. You should look for the one that can be easily connected to other devices such as a laptop or a smartphone so that you can transfer your files hassle-free.

Edit Mode

Moreover, a good scanner also allows you to edit brightness, use color-correcting, remove dust, add filters and work on many more features as well.

Scanning Quality

Last but not least, you cannot skip looking at how well the scanner can scan your beautiful pictures. You need to check its quality and ability to scan whether it can scan in HD pictures or at least can produce better photos.


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