Top 10 Best Waterproof Flashlight of 2021

We can all agree that it is difficult to find your way around during a power blackout. A common solution to this and other problems associated with operating in a dark environment is the use of a reliable flashlight. A waterproof LED one to be specific.

These flashlights are good for your camping needs and night searches thanks to their powerful LED beams. With the influx of many manufacturers that are making these torches, you can have a hard time picking the right one. The following are the best waterproof flashlight review:

Top Picks:

10 Best Waterproof Flashlights

10. Rayovac Professional Industrial LED Flashlight

10. 2 Rayovac Professional Industrial LED Flashlight

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This model of Rayovac professional flashlight is made using a grade-impact and ipx4 exterior materials. This gives makes it less prone to damage during falls while still making it water-resistant. The exterior also has a safety yellow coating that acts as a beacon at night and a black rubber coating that improves your grip. The torch can produce 110 lumens of light giving it an 869feet beam distance. Its head has a large reflector that enhances the beam strength.

9. MecArmy PT16 2017 Upgrades Version 1000

9. MecArmy PT16 2017 Upgrades Version 1000

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The body of this gadget is made from 90% aluminum that gives it sturdiness. Its 100-lumen Cree LED emits a powerful beam. This beam can light up a distance of up to 100metres or 250ft. It has a compact feature and 6 adjustable settings to choose from. The LED used can last up to 500 hours of lifespan. On a single charge, the flashlight can last up to 20hours while producing powerful non-diminishing brightness.

8. ThorFire XHP70 LED Tactical Search Light

8. ThorFire XHP70 LED Tactical Search Light

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ThorFire XHP70 LED Tactical Search Light utilizes the CREE XHP70 LED enabling it to give out a maximum of 3960 lumens. This, in turn, produces a beam that covers up to 740 yards. This torch is powered by 2*26650 3.7V batteries that are bought has 6 modes that you can pick. They include; Low (65LM), Mid (320LM), High (1800LM), Turbo (3960LM), hidden Strobe (1800LM), and Moonlight (1LM). This hidden strobe makes it perfect for emergency /help//protection and warning.

7. CIVICTOR CR123A Mini Torch

7. CIVICTOR CR123A Mini Torch

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With an efficiency of up to 90%, the CIVICTIR CR123A is among the best mini flashlights that easily fit into your pocket. Its 9000 high lumens can light a distance of up to 282m. It has a neck indicator that allows you to know the status of your torch. The device is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and has a military-grade type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish. This makes it hard to scratch ensuring that it lasts for long.

6. Nitecore MH10USB CREE XM-L2 Waterproof Flashlight

6. Nitecore MH10USB CREE XM-L2 Waterproof Flashlight

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This torch has a USB port that allows it to be recharged directly ensuring that it never runs out of power. It utilizes a CREE XM-L2 U2 LED that gives it a maximum output of up to 232 meters. This powerful torch has an integrated PDOT that gives extreme reflector performance, 13,500cd beam intensity. Its high efficiency constant current circuit board will provide you with a maximum runtime of up to 520 hours. The body has a streamlines tubular structure and is water-resistant up to 1.5meters.

5. Nitecore MH12 CREE XM-L2 U2 Waterproof Flashlight

5. Nitecore MH12 CREE XM-L2 U2 Waterproof Flashlight

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Its 3200mAh battery rating gives this flashlight a maximum output of 1000lumens. It has a peak beam intensity of 13,500 cd nan has the ability to produce a beam that is bright enough up to a distance of 232 meters. There is a high efficiency constant current circuit board that allows the torch to have a maximum runtime of 520 hours on a single full charge. A Mode switch gives you access to four different levels of brightness.

4. OLIGHT Bundle S10R III LED Flashlight

4. OLIGHT Bundle S10R III LED Flashlight

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This RCR 123A rechargeable LED flashlight charges using the Olight new USB desktop charging dock. The torch is also compatible with Olight magnetic charging cables. It is both waterproof and drop resistant and can work up to 2 meters underwater without getting damaged. Its drop resistance is 1.5 meters. The low profile tactile black silicone gel side switch protects against accidental activation while inside the pocket. There is a low power indicator that turns on when the voltage is running low.

3. OMAGAX 3000 Lumens Flashlight

3. OMAGAX 3000 Lumens Flashlight

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This version of OMAGAX flashlights has a maximum output of 3000 lumens. It has a lifespan of 100,000 hours ensuring that it serves you better before the battery starts to malfunction. Its intense beam can light up to 300 meters. On a single full charge, the torch will last for 8-10 hours. It has 5 modes that you can choose. An added advantage of buying this torch is that it has a rechargeable battery that is included in the package.

2. WISSBLUE H1 Compact Tactical Flashlight

2. WISSBLUE H1 Compact Tactical Flashlight

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The WISSBLUE H1 has military-grade diamond quality. It is made from aircraft aluminum and is hardened with a three-tier military coating to prevent scratching. There are heat-dissipating fish scales that ensure that it maintains coolness while providing bright lumens that can reach up to 1000 meters. The torch is controlled by a 5 level smart chip that provides Reverse battery protection and a low voltage automatic flashing reminder.

1. Outlite A100 Portable LED Flashlight

1. Outlite A100 Portable LED Flashlight.

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Outlite offers an adjustable focus that is responsible for giving intense an intense spotlight for a long-range of observation. It can light a distance of up to 600 feet. It has a high efficiency LED chip that allows it to give out bright light. You have access to 5 light modes and an SOS emergency mode with this torch. The torch incorporates skid-proof and water-resistant design. This is one of the most impressive handheld flashlights that you can buy.


All these waterproof flashlights are made from trusted manufacturers. They have different designs with the aim of outdoing their competitors in this category. This competition leads to the availability of quality torches. The above 10 are among the best that you can find on the market.

Best Waterproof Flashlight Buying Guide

For many functional reasons, flashlights have been useful for people; they can be used; obviously, to help with vision in the dimmed or in a completely no light environment. What’s even greater than a typical flashlight is the waterproof flashlight. Although it sounds normal and easy to get a waterproof flashlight, to buy a high quality one, that will demand a bit of knowledge and understanding of the product, too.

Below are the four simple steps that you can follow to buy the best waterproof flashlight. The information consist of:

  1. Types of waterproof flashlight
  2. Understanding the rates of waterproof flashlight
  3. Features of waterproof flashlights
  4. Purchasing the right product

Step 1: Types of waterproof flashlight

To buy the best waterproof flashlight, it is important that you know all the types there are, first. So you can decide which type you should go with. Generally speaking, waterproof flashlights are categorized into 3 types:

Tactical Flashlight

It is normally ranked as one of the smallest waterproof flashlights because it’s used for military missions, so it’s easy to bring along. Moreover, this kind of flashlight is really bright and can yield long beam distance. The light that comes from this type is the more focused pointy light. As time evolves, tactical flashlights are also preferred by hikers, climbers, and other adventurous travelers, too.


This second type of waterproof flashlight is normally described as the biggest type of waterproof flashlight in terms of its size. On top of this, the light that it emits is also in a wider range of illumination; instead of focusing on a point like the previous type. Normally, people use it to light the area at the light so that they can see clearly as they travel, walk or find something.

2-in-1 flashlight (Hybridge between tactical and spotlight)

If you think you’re combining the first and second type of flashlight will make the perfect flashlight you are looking for, this third type is what you would give all your money for. Possessing both features, the 2-in-1 kind of flashlight allows you to set how you want the light to emits by simply clicking or shifting the mode.

Lantern flashlight

This last type of waterproof flashlight is normally used in a tent or to light any outdoor space when you are out camping in the middle of nowhere. Such a flashlight will keep your lightless scary even though when it’s raining outside.

Step 2: Understanding the rate of waterproof flashlight

For anyone who hasn’t known about this, not all waterproof flashlights will have the same waterproof durability as one another. Usually, the waterproof flashlight will have the information on its label/description saying how resistant it is to water. In the waterproof rate, there are multi-levels that distinguish them. Measuring using IP rate which stands for Ingress Protection (Marking) that is the international measuring standard for waterproof produces. Below is the common IP rate that you can find on the flashlight.


This is the lowest rate level of water-resisting capability. Hence, although it is a part of the waterproof flashlight type, it can only resist water jets like raining only. Still, it is better than the typical flashlight that couldn’t be in contact with water at all. Hence, it is great to own one in a house in case you need to use it in the rain. This type of waterproof flashlight is also used for tactical operations.


Resist better compared to the previous type, this IP66 rate will also stay resistant in water jets; yet with strong durability. In other words, even during a powerful raining storm, the pressure of water still couldn’t get into the interior of the flashlight. Therefore, IP66 can still operate perfectly in such a condition. So if it is compared with the previous one, this type is ideal for anyone whose home is geographically located in or who usually have to travel to the tropical weather area where big raining is seasonally pouring.


Rated as the highest resisting level of all time compares to the previous two types, IP67 is the rate that you need to look for on the flashlight if you want a high-performance waterproof flashlight. By high performance, in this case, it means IP67 waterproof flashlight is capable of actually using underwater in which depth can be 1 meter deep. Such a flashlight is perfect for anyone who usually uses it underwater to scout for items or something.

It’s also worth noting that although we only mentioned the 3 levels of waterproof rate, there is more waterproof rating level like IPX7, IPX8, and IPX9 that are available to find in some waterproof flashlight. The higher the rate level, the better the water-resistant capability of the product. For instance, if you could find a product with IPX9, that means it can stand a powerful pressure jet and high-temperature water. Please find more standard IP here for your reference.

Step 3: Features of waterproof flashlight

When choosing a waterproof flashlight, below are some important that you should scan for. These features will be explained with their benefits, too.

Compact Design

It might sound simple to you; however, this point is super practical. Because you need to hold the flashlight to your palm, it is better that you make sure it is not too big or too heavy. Because the compact size of flashlight will also allow easier storing or carrying along.


Technically, a waterproof flight light is already sturdier than a normal flashlight. Still, you want to make sure that the products including these features in its description because the durability of such a product is life-saving benefits; especially when you go hiking or another adventurous type of activity.

Mode changing/Zooming mode option

It is important that you look for any waterproof flashlight with available mode changing options. This feature is to use when you want to change the level of brightness in the flashlight.


Lumen is defined as the unit/amount that measures the light emission per second from the flashlight. Normally, the higher the lumen, the brighter the flashlight. The amount of lumen of a flashlight can be differed from one another by the type of lamp/bulb it is used with. For example, an LED headlamp is measured at around 50 to 100 lumens while a 100-watt bulb is ranged at approximately 1,750 lumens.

Battery and Run time

Normally, different flashlights are powered by different sources of energy. Some common sources of energy to power up the waterproof flashlight including replaceable battery, rechargeable battery, or even eternal flashlight [that needs no battery]. Each source; especially the types with battery, has different running time and battery storage. Therefore, it is recommended that you check on this point carefully to see if you are comfortable with whatever type of energy it uses.


It might be rare that someone would look for this kind of feature. However, for any waterproof flashlight that can be used underwater, having this feature is very handy because you don’t have to worry if you are going to lose it to the water and could never get it back.

Step 4: Time to buy

Once having read through all these details from step 1 to step 3, now this time is the decision time. To make the decision on which brand you should purchase is to determine how are you going to use it for. Do you only want to use it at home to light up when there’s light out? Or do you also want to use the tactical type to flash anything in specific?

If you can’t decide, it is recommended that you look for the Hybridge waterproof flashlight because it can perform both functions. However, you should also be informed about the price because it’s going to be a bit higher in terms of price; compared to other types.

Moreover, you can also scan through the function that you want to use in the flashlight per se. You can either find them in the description or get the answer by asking the customer services team for support/clarification.

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