Top 10 Best Zip Line Kits in 2021 Reviews

When you have a family and start to have kids, you realize that these children can be very difficult to satisfy and you would have to pull out all your stops just so they can have fun. When swings and slides start to bore them, you will definitely want to look for other ways they can enjoy themselves.

Ziplining is one of the most thrilling and exhilarating activities that a kid could experience. If your kids are incredibly active and full of energy, then these home zip line kits are exactly what you are looking for. It has everything you need to set up your own zip line at home and we guarantee that your kids will have endless fun with it.

As such, we have contacted our team of experts to curate this list of the top 10 best zip line kits they could find on the market.

List of The Best Zip Line Kits:

Best Zip Line Kits Reviews:

10. CTSC Zip Line Kit with Stainless Steel Spring Brake and Seat

Although a bit pricey, the CTSC zip line kit is probably one of the safest and most reliable zip lines on this list. It boasts a 5.3 foot stainless steel spring brake as a braking system – this ensures that the zipline does not come to a stop all of a sudden causing any injuries. For an extra peace of mind, this zip line has also met international quality standards for zip lines and it can hold up to 250 lbs which is plenty for any children. This zip line has also been designed with children in mind as it features a non-slippery rubber grip so they can hang on to the zip line with a firm hold.

On top of all these amazing features, this zip line kit has a 10 year warranty which is quite incredible and is a testament to how much confidence the company has in its own product.

09. Hearthsong 150’ Blue Line Backyard Zip Line Kit

This is definitely one of the longer zip lines to be features on this list as it is up to 150 foot long which should provide a very exciting and fun ride for your children. A great thing about this particular zip line kit is its convenience. During installation, there are not too many steps and you would only have to hang and tie it two different trees and it will be ready to go. In order to accommodate different sized kids, its seats are adjustable which means any kids of different height can easily use this. The cable is made out of highly durable steel and a non-slip carriage ensuring that your kids have maximum safety when using it.

This will be an incredible gift for the holidays and if you are struggling to find your children a present, then this zip line kit could be exactly what you’re looking for!

08. Alien Flier X3-150 Zip Line Kit

Made with high quality anodized aluminium trolley that is paired with hardened steel sheaves and bearings. With such premium materials, the Alien Flier zip line kit ensures that there is no risk of danger for the user no matter the size or age. It also features an all inclusive one piece, knurled handles so that a solid and firm grip can be formed by the user when using the zip line. The seat is in a disc shape to accommodate for space that is locked with a convenient snap attachment.

Similar to the Hearthsong zip line kit, this one also has a length of 150’ which is more than plenty to give you kids a good time at your own backyard.

07. Slackers 70′ Hawk Series Zipline w/ Spring Brake kit

This zip line kit made by Slacker is definitely on the shorter side of most zipe line kits on this list. However, what it lacks in length, it makes up for in flexibility. The length of the zip line itself can be adjusted to be shorter which means that for those of you who does not have much space in their backyard, this might be exactly what you are looking for. On top of this, the height between the seat and the cable can also be adjusted using an adjustable bracket to accommodate for kids of different heights.

The 5’ steel spring used to hold the zip line together is made out of a sturdy material that has been powder coated for maximum stability. On each ends of the zip lines, there are rubberized tips that ensures the user ends the ride smoothly without a sudden halt.

06. Happybuy 80/100ft Zip Line Kit Kids Adult Zip Line

Another zip line kit that has been made to prioritise safety and fun. The cable itself will extend up to 100 ft if you so choose and is made out of galvanised steel for extra durability. The cable has undergone rigorous safety tests and meets safety standards and has been certified to take up to 250lbs of weight. Another bonus feature of this zip line, especially for parents, is that it is incredibly easy to assemble and set up in your backyard. In fact, assembling it with your kids can be part of the fun as well.

Similar to other zip lines on this list, it also features rubberized grips for the user to hold onto firmly.

05. Slackers 40’ Zipline Falcon Kit

This unique looking zipline kit does not offer much other than its striking appearance. It features a mere 40’ long steel cable which is definitely quite short compared to most zip lines on this list. However, it does have a nice and firm trolley completed with rubber grips to ensure and smooth and comfortable experience.

It is also definitely one of the most unique looking zip lines on this list as it sports a fun and quirky green paint which may be what your kids might be into.

04. 90’ Zipline Eagle Series with Spring Brake Kit

This zipline made by Eagle Series is a great addition to any house especially if you are looking for a way to entertain your child and give them something to do and have fun. This zip line kit has a length of 90 foot and includes a spring brake as well.

This new compression spring brake is a welcomed addition to the zip line to ensure a smooth and fun ride throughout. The trolley is made out of a high grade steel that has a locking screw with the hand grip to ensure better stability and safety.

03. Slacker 100’ Night Riderz with Spring Brake

Another zip line made by the infamous brand slacker, however, this one is certainly of more premium quality and comes with extra features as it is definitely more expensive than other 2 slacker zip lines mentioned on this list. This one features 100’ in length which is more than plenty for most that are looking for zip lines out there. On top of this, it also comes with a spring brake system allowing for a safe and smooth ride.

It is also very convenient and easy to set up as most adults will be able to install this in their backyard in just under an hour.

02. Joymor 118ft Backyard Zip Line Kit

Safety is probably one of the most important aspects of zip lining and this backyard zip line kit made by Joymor definitely takes this to the next level with its seat features. Security being its number one priority, this is the only zip line kit to feature a turnbuckle and a seatbelt ensuring that your kid cannot fall off the seat during the ride no matter what.

On top of this, the rope holding the seats are adjustable to accommodate different sized riders. The main cable is also made out of a loop eyed and tree protection tube so that you won’t damage your trees when setting it up and using it.

01. ANW American Ninja Warrior Zip Line

If you have watched the show American Ninja Warrior, then you will know of the insane and crazy stunts that are done during the show. However, this zip line is not meant to mimic that entirely. In fact, it only emulates the thrill and excitement of zip lining but it has also been made to be kid-friendly. There is an 80ft and 50ft version and comes in the signature ninja warrior red color.

Zip Line Kits Buying Guide

These zip lines have many different features that make most of them unique and suitable for different occasions and situations.

Length of Cable

This is incredibly important as the longer the cable is, the longer the ride. Depending on the type of kid that you have, you may want to choose ones that are shorter if your kids do not like the feeling of fast and exhilaration or if you can;t accommodate a longer zip line if your backyard is too small.

Material of Cable

You definitely want to look for cables that are made out of really strong and sturdy materials such as galvanised steel and you would want those that are held up by really strong joints such as powder coated locks.

Braking system

Some zip lines come with a spring brake system which definitely helps a lot with ensuring a smooth and safe ride. It is always handy and if you can fork out the cash for those zip lines with spring brakes then we definitely recommend you to do so.


What better way to spice up your kids life and make it more exhilarating than to give them an unforgettable experience in your own backyard. It can definitely be difficult to bring them to a park or somewhere that has this feature and so having a zipline in your own backyard can be a lifesaver in occupying your children’s attention and giving them something to have fun with.

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